Saturday July 30, St Lazarre ~140km Intermediate pace

Another sunny weekend coming up. I was thinking about riding out to next weekend’s St Lazarre circuit to do a loop before we race on it, intermediate pace, 9am at the gates. 140km is pretty approximate.

As long as the pace isn’t too hot, I’m interested.

If im in this area code I am in. But I doubt it

I’m in if my wheel is fixed

if needed i have a spare front wheel if you want to borrow it

Jeroen, I can lend you a rear wheel. It just needs a tire.

Going to Toronto, sorry. Sad to miss this.

Much appreciated. I’ll take advantage of that offer.

Can’t make it. Can someone post a sort of post ride analysis of the course. Just to give me an idea ahead of last week

Pete and Jon, did you guys make it back ok? We had another flat and didn’t catch you guys.

That was really hot - I weighed myself when I got home-- 8lb lighter than this morning!

We made it back fine. We were wondering why you didn’t catch up. I figured we had tired you out. Or you had stopped at the DQ.

Hey Guys,
Nice to ride with you.It was great except last 20km that I was too tired.Have a good race next week too.

That was a tad bit further than I expected, but still a great training ride. Thanks for letting me tag along.