Saturday June 11 - Intermiediate - 9:30 Gates - Mont St Hilaire

Hey guys I was thinking of doing a ride out to Mont St Hilaire this weekend. Meeting at the Main gates at 9:30. If you have a printer let me know as I don’t know the ride but I have directions.

Got my shift switched! Yayy! I don’t know the way but I do have a printer. So let me know if you want the route printed!

Hi all, I’m from out of town, would I be able to come along? I found my way into this board through a link to my comic… And I was chatting with Brandon about meeting up with some locals for a ride… He suggested that I post in here). My plan is to rent a decent bike tomorrow through Sunday, so I’m also down for pretty much any kind of ride over the next three days.

Today I got my friends to rent Bixis and we rode up Mont Royal… But I’m hoping for at least one really solid ride over the next few days…


(my email address is my username at gmail, incidentally)

if you know the way then we should be fine

…and an alternative way in case of residual flooding (roads were closed when I was last there like 3 weeeks ago)…

I’m there. I know the way. Also have a printer if you want.

I’ve been wanting to do this ride for quite some time. I’m in as long as (a) I can switch shifts and (b) I don’t have to deal with lightning striking the ground next to me again.

i will probably come, weather permitting.

Thanks everyone! Great to meet you all, and I had a good time!

How long is this ride. What would be the approximate return time?

Seb Labrecque

I though the race was next week-end

No problem. We meet at the main gates of the McGill campus.Just make sure to bring a helmet.