Saturday March 13 west island with Peter

Saturday is supposed to be 8 full degrees warmer, have less wind and no rain compared to saturday. I’ve only got one morning to ride and I think it’s going to be tomorrow at 10AM for those that are interested. If anyone wants to tag along meet up at the gates as usual.

What’s the pace going to be like?

As long as it doesn’t leave me too shredded for Sunday I’ll be there.

Not sure exactly. I like to cruise along at a pretty good clip on the flats. maybe 30km/h? I wanna be back before it gets too late. Maybe a quick coffee in St Anne

hey Peter we haven’t ridden together in a while I have quite a few people together for a sat morning ride at the atwater market at 9:30, you know a bunch of somewhat old guys trying to make it the west island. Maybe do a couple of loops over there, and then back. so if your into it feel free to join in.

Nick. SOunds nice. Everyone else should come ride with the old guys. I myself am getting old at least for the McGill team. Shit, Hons and I are approaching masters territory!!

BTW…be forewarned that “uncle Nick” has a tendency to move pretty quick and not wait for stragglers, so be ready for that if you come…

i’ll be there at Atwater market tomorrow AM.