Saturday morning masters' ride: Oka/St Joseph

Spring is here! Some masters guys are doing a good ride this weekend, going out to Oka/St Joseph for a good 100km at a decent clip.

The ride leaves at 9am from the Nickel’s restaurant parking lot on Marcel Laurin blvd in Ville St Laurent (googlemap “1991, boul Marcel-Laurin”). I’ll be riding there from my parents’ house near NDG. I’ll gladly meet up with people and ride there together.

Bring some ear plugs so that you can ignore uncle nick’s bitching when he gets dropped.

Disclaimer: the road gets a little hilly and the pace gets a little quick. This isn’t my ride so I can’t take responsibility for making sure no one gets dropped and everyone is looked after. However, if you’re somewhat fit then you shouldn’t have a problem hanging in. Hope to see some of you there!

Dave is there anywhere I could maybe meet up with you close to McGill?
Where is NDG?

Yeah, I’d like to meet up with you too. Sounds like a good ride.

Err, I won’t be too close to McGill… How about this: meet me at Cote-St-Catherine and Decarie at 8:30am tomorrow (googlemap: “Boulevard Décarie & Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine”). Basically just take Cote St Catherine west until it ends.

Sound good?

My cell is 514-891-6987

Although this does sound like fun, I anticipate feeling pretty lethargic tomorrow. Count me out Gruber, thanks, but maybe another time.

might come, it’s either this one or south shore, depends how my bodies feeling after a little run-in with the back of a jetta today.

Yikes drew, I really hope you (and your bike) are okay!

clearly dave doesn’t know what he’s talking about if and it a really big IF (flat tire or something) i get dropped you wouldn’t need ear plugs as i would be behind and you couldn’t hear me anyway. so what he’s really talking about is me ragging on him as he desparetly clings on for his life.

dave I dont think ill make it man sorry… im gonna do the south shore later in the morning
Have a great time out there

dave, I’m meeting uncle nick downtown, so I’ll see you over there later when everyone collects.

Jon, I think you mean “these rides are not for everyone.”

I’m stepping in here because this thread has gotten rather out of hands. I hope nobody has been offended.

It is fair to warn others that these rides are not led by McGill cycling members, and that they might not comply with our code of conduct. Also, any rider is responsible for their own safety and for not putting the safety of the people around them on the line.

However, this forum is public, and please keep any criticism constructive. Keep in mind that what goes here is representative of the team, and that we do want to keep up a good relationship with Athletics and our neighbours.

And yes, the rides are fun, fast and furious. They are also a good pace and good training. They are not organized by the team however. If you have any doubts about whether you should be joining them, ask a team exec or someone who has gone on them. They are not for everyone.



Right… uh, in case it wasn’t clear, that whole “Nick’s gonna get dropped - Dave’s gonna get dropped” business was just some friendly banter.

All future trash talk shall take place outside the confines of the forum. Apologies if anyone was offended.

Don’t worry Dave, this had not nothing to do with the banter. The part this had to do with is gone.

I’m going to head over to this ride tomorrow, if anyone wants to come get a good workout you should come too