Saturday Morning Ride

Saturday looks good! 100 km trip to west island out & back.

10:00 at the gates.

and after you can do an icy/muddy cross race!

I presume you may already know about the state of the Lachine bike path, but just in case:

Thanks Mat

It should be ok to just stay on Rue St-Patrick until we get to Lachine. Good news that Jacques-Cartier bridge is open again.

i’ve recruited a couple of people to meet at 9:30 guys my age like to go early. if anyone is interested you can join us.

Wont be able to make it this week, but I was wondering how fast this ride will be.

Jon, are you cool with 9:30? If yes let’s move it up to then and ride with Nick. If I don’t hear back from you we’ll just stay at 10:00.

Stephen, i don’t think the ride will be too fast. You’ll have no problem keeping up.

I’m cool with 9:30. See you guys then.