Saturday Seaway Spinomania ride. 1pm @Atwater bridge

I know there’s already 2 rides posted today, but I don’t feel like climbing nor riding for 3 hours.
Suppose to clear up a bit in the afternoon.
The deal: likely 2 seaway out&back with technical exercises such as high cadence pace lining, low cadence pace lining, etc, etc.
A Merckx-inspired training:

3 questions:

  1. what do those numbers mean?!??!
  2. do we have to have Merckx style hoods on the pedals?
  3. how long?
  1. gear ratios
  2. no, but MEGA kudos if you do this with toe-straps
  3. 1:30-2h
  1. erhm okay
  2. I have have my toe straps in my room, seriously considering it
  3. sounds alright to me!

hey you guys should all come to the 11am ride, it will be more fun with several riders.

it won’t be fast i think. As for me i just need a longer ride to unwind the legs after yesterday’s stair rampage

Tommy, Justin, what do you think?
I could do 11, and spin fast @St-Rémi

This is so cool. One ride being coordinated on two threads.

Nah, I’ll do some laps at the F1 track then climb the houde a few times. I’ll be good

or do high cadence on the estacade section of the st-rémi ride?

I only get off work at 11:30, that’s why I opted for the later ride

in west island?

at powerwatts