Seaport saturday midday

Would anyone be willing to do a beginner/intermediate/advanced if you want ride on saturday mid day to the seaport? I was thinking like 40-60 km. By mid day I mean like 12 or 1?

Sure. By seaport you mean the Estacade/Saint Lawrence Seaway?

I think that would be the place.
The one with the 11km straightaway. Which is on the water.

I’d be down for this as long as I am feeling okay after my maaannny travel vaccinations today…

and where are you off too around the world?

Yes by the seaport i mean the seaway thing.

So what time and meeting place?

1pm roddick gates.

I’m going to east Africa next January for a field studies semester! I will join you guys tomorrow but may be slowwww (who gives needles in the leg??)

ugh sorry guys, side effects got me down. Next time!

i think i’m coming. don’t wait up though