Sept 30th race, which will it be

Alright, it seems that we have two options for the upcoming weekend, so i just wanted to know what was the people opinion on that topic and who wanted to spend some money on a race.

Our choices are either

seem like we will have to stay overnight somewhere for both races and both are on a sunday.

Personally, i am not too sure on where i would like to go, but i might tend to select the one in ontario… but i dont care that much.

i would love to do the sunday one
but what time at night would we be back
cause i have to be at a school for 8.30am?

leslie and i for sure can’t go to ontario - we need to be back in quebec by 6pm sunday night so ontario is out of the picture for us. i think we should be able to go to vermont though since the race seems to be a bit closer and the races start sooner. that being said, we can definitely divide and conquer if some people really want to go to the U-Cup.

hey anton - turns out both races are on sunday.

that’s true, but i dont think we could do the short track then, since it would be a bit too short on time…

yeah i know thats awesome
but i have a class to observe monday morning so i dunno
depends on what time we are back at

given that christina and leslie got to be back before 6pm it would be earlier than at last saturday’s race. like around dinner time-ish

then maybe it can be done
that would mean wed be heading towards which one
the closest one?

I don’t care that much, I would rather be back earlier than later but for me cost is a bigger issue…

I might have a chance of getting a free ride to TO on the weekend and then take the bus with the UofT team up to Ganaraska in which case I would do the U-cup, but that’s still up in the air and very uncertain…

If that falls through, I’d like to do the ECCC race since we’d be back early in the evening. This is also dependent on the cost though… I can’t afford another $120+ weekend. I have to make my budget strech…

what time would we leave at on Saturday? I might be able to clear Sunday, although i was supposed to work, but then, I still finish at 5:00pm on saturday.
So I guess i’d try to be in for whichever we can leave latest for.


i dont know what’s up with ben’s plan and sleeping at his place limitations and stuff, but i would be up for some camping in my tent for the overnight if anyone is up for it. We would probably leave before 5pm (thats a guess, nothing sure) so we arrive there before its dark sort of.

Monika, my guess is that its going to cost the same amount this weekend to, roughly. I know races are expensive but there isnt that many during the school year.

I would love to go and check out the U-Cup scene if possible, I know can’t race in it but I can cheer loudly and take pics!