Serie Robert Brisson - 1st

Who’s going to the first on may 22nd?

I am pretty sure this one is bikeable. It depends on my ridiculous work schedule but I intend to race this one and would like to try riding there and back. (When I google mapped it it was <30km…a pretty good warmup)

If anyone else is interested let me know (maybe we can try to find it sometime before)

i asked to finish work at five, but i might be able to leave a bit earlier. If we bike i’ll need to eat before too. Next week i’m off on wednesday and thursday if you want to scout it out.

What time does the race start? I’m more worried about riding back in the dark (it scares me) than tiring myself out before.

The race starts at 19:00.

Where is the race. I am just wondering if it will be even possible to cross the bridge by car at that hour?

in the ville Mercier. Accross the Mercier bridge

i MAY have a car…

I would seriously consider going to this race, if I had a tire…

My question is crossing the Mercier bridge by car at like 5:30. I just sound like crazy traffic to me. I am just wondering if it would not be faster by bike at that time?

Ben, as i said, i have tires…

Seb, i definitely think it’ll be faster to bike across the bridge at that time, not to sure about the way back though. Is there a train around there?

Has anyone taken that bridge by bike though? It looks like sudden death… (ever played worms?)

seems like the closest train is ste-catherine, still damn far and unclear how to get there.


who’s going this week???

who can drive???

c’mon people, lets get excited!

i really want to go this thursday, but don’t have a ride as of yet. m-e, seb, can either of you drive?

Hmm, i’m not too sure anymore, since i’m hitting sutton, and i still haven’t cleared work… or how to get there

I am sorry, this week I gotta work. but like you all know, I would love to go.
but there are plenty of other weeks right… 9 others. so Ill go to the ones I can go, but not this week, I really can’t.
I hope you find a way to get there.


dan and peter, how much space do you guys have for us bums who wanna go and need a ride?? ie me!!

I could fit one other person in my girlfriends moms car. I plan to leave like 5-5:30 and hope thats enough time to get accross with the traffic. Hopefully though.

i’m out yo.

No more fun for me till I finish. See you all in July! :wink:

Any plans for next Thursday? I’ll be on vacation so I might leave in the early afternoon, take the metro to champlain bridge and bike the rest. That is, if I don’t get a ride :D.

How was the race?

The roads are very nice, no sketchy corners, and only a few minor cracks. It was fun to see the old men C from last year’s ECCC start together (Nic, Peter, and I). The pack was a little nervous at first, some unexperienced riders couldn’t keep their line in very simple turns, so at least 10 riders crashed (including me) on the second turn of the race. Meanwhile Peter avoided the crash as well as Vic, Nic was already comfortably sitting at the front. Nic sprinted his way up in fourth position earning 35 points! Solid performance! Peter caught a few atacks here and there and finished well. I was left catching on to the racers who got dropped off the main field.

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