Serie Robert Brisson - 2nd

Who’s up?

i’m in if I can move a bit better than today

I can give someone a lift but theyd have to be able to get to my place by like 5-5:15 since they sent out some communiqué saying that weve gotta be there on time or they won`t nous inscrire

I could use a ride peter.

Yeah you definitely should save your energy if youre gonna come I wasnt sure if you`d be crazy enough to race on Thursday though…
ok vendu!

Hons, do you want to go with the rent-a-car plan? I’m willing to pay for that. If we’re two, a regular car would be fine and probably about $40-50. Jon and Vic, if you want to join in, we could get a van. I wouldn’t mind arranging a car rental, but I’m not old enough for a van rental.

I’d be in.

moi aussi

oh yeah, the race is $15. just thought i let you guys know seeing as i couldn’t find it anywhere on the flyer…

also, i finish work at 5. so i might not be able to leave till around 530 ish, hopefully earlier.

(also, sorry for all the posts)

I also finish at 5, but can most likely make it a bit earlier.

hope the rest of you can make it. I can take MAYBE one other as an emergency backup. Wasn`t very comfortable with 3 last time though and it took forever to get the bikes in the trunk/back seat

I guess if the van’s full; could I get a ride with Peter of Dan? I’m pretty compactable.

What time does registration close, and are we doing anything to get there, i think can be a very fun race to do, and come on, we can’t let nick take 'em all.

je cite le communiqué no1 de la serie cycliste robert brisson (pdf available at under communiqué or directly at

à partir de la semaine prochaine, aucun retard ne sera toléré. les inscriptions se termineront à 18h45 précise. [blah blah blah] la criculation dense n’est pas une raison jugée valable, prévoyez suffisamment de temps pour vous rendre à Mercier.

basically that means, register before 6h45 or you are not welcome to race. & traffic is not a valuable reason to register late.

after that they also have security recommendations in that pdf for riders. interesting. like don’t be in the way of cars.
(for non-franco speaker, the fqsc website is a place to sharpen your french skills cuz nothing is in english.)

good luck to all of you who will make it tomorrow! (I can’t cuz I’m working :stuck_out_tongue: again)
& be on time! cuz race officials sound pretty serious about it.


well, john, no one has a ride, and it’s thursday morning… so i doubt anyone’s going besides the guys that have cars.
i even tried to mooch a ride of one of nicks teammates, but that didn’t work, so no race for me this week :frowning:
better luck next week, and good luck to everyone racing!

If anything changes, you can call me at work 514-524-1106 options 1, 5, 2 or message the board before noon (i’ll check it around lunch).

Otherwise, i might bike it. Its 45km, with a headwind most of the way, but i really want…

nvm., can’t go; got confused about dates.
best of luck,


Too windy to bike, peter, do you have a place?

Sorry guys, i’m out…too much work, to little time. But after next week (I’m out of town) I really want to get to this race as much as possible. Hopefully we’ll be able to figure out a way to get us out there (are there any trains or buses that head that direction?).