Check out this wicked product, engineered by a 4th year BU mech eng student I met last year racing in the ECCC. If anyone has a cannondale, they should seriously consider buying one of these!

I’ll be ordering as soon as I get confirmation it will work on my Tarmac.

Please explain what this is and why you would need it?

This is a uber thin top cap (headset bearing cover) that allows you to get in the lowest position possible.

My tarmac came with a 20mm crane creek top cap, so by using one of these I could get 20mm lower (since I already have all my spacers removed)

lower = more aero = faster = winning

plus everyone looks cooler with a slammed stem

Aha, thanks for the info!

Dennis - you of all people do not need more saddle-handlebar drop.

lower = more aero = faster = winning ???
come on dude
the lower u get the more u reduce the air capacity of your lungs, plus this adds more stress to your lower back.
if what you r saying is true, every single pro out there will lower their stem as much as posible, this will actually change bike frames geometry. I have had the chance to talk to many pro level riders and director sportiv as a bicycle mechanic in 14 different countries, every single one said the same thing, the best position on a bike is the one u feel the most comfortable when putting the power on the pedals and breathing.

Jaun Lujan U.S. Postal Service team mechanic and private Lance Armstrong Mechanic at pro tou races.

G-man, relax

everyone already understands what you just said, and I was clearly exaggerating

but this is still cool

Dennis, if you buy one for me we’ll call your $25 debt even

*Assuming it fits, I have the same bike as you (order of magnitude smaller)

Already pretty much got one when I switched from my carbon cover to my aluminium one on my SystemSix.

Btw G-Man FYI:

Fabian Cancellara:

Tom Boonen:

Svein Tuft (arguably on a relaxed geometry frame):


Ahoo, Ahoo, Ahoo

Btw, For an intelligent take on the whole stem thing, this is pretty good:

Gerard Vroomen is the man.

… pwnt?

more like… SLAAAAAAMED!!!


Slam That Stem bump: When slamming the stem is not enough, pros have to resort to more drastic methods. Like asking the team for a custom geometry, 54cm seat tube / 58cm top tube bike…

<3 Sagan

SO hot.