Snow ride - 9am saturday, Jan 16, Roddick Gates

They’re forecasting a balmy minus one degree (yes, only one of them) on saturday! Get off your damn trainer and come ride outside! Same as usual. We’ll ride 1.5-2.5 hours on the mountain, mainly on the very well-plowed caleche path. Bring any bike, as long as it has knobby tires.

If no one signs up for this ride then I’m liable to not show up, so make sure to sign up if you’re coming.

tempted. Parents are in town, I’ll register or not tomorrow

well dave the mtn is for -10 to -15 a balmy minus 1 calls for a road ride of at least 2 hrs. or 2.5 i’m out on the road. you in? and what about you ben and when the %!#? are you going to come and get those cassettes.

I second Uncle Nick’s argument.
As long as it’s not raining I’m down for a road ride

I’ll try to get a couple of others together but my riding mates are getting a little soft. i have a cross bike with studded tires so i’ll try my darnest to try to keep up to you guys.

I’m riding tomorrow morn. 9am at the gates. Hope someone shows up…

Be careful guys. All this moisture is going to freeze overnight. mtb sounds good though.

jeez, where did all this road biking stuff come from? I don’t have a functional road bike right now, and even if my new bike was running, I CERTAINLY wouldn’t ride it on sloppy winter roads. I’ll be at the gates tomorrow at 9 for some up-and-downs on the carriage path with my winter mountain bike. hope someone will be there to join me.

@nick: I’m not really in the market for campy cassettes right now, since my gruppo came with a beautiful one which is currently installed on my new specialized project bike. thanks anywayz

i’ve recruited a couple of guys for the road ride at 9:00 see you there chris and whoever else is into it , come on ben you can use the mtn bike on the road.

haha. Only if I’m not pulling, and only for about 45 minutes. If no one else is there to ride the mountain with me then I’ll suffer on the road for a little while. And I’ll definitely be wearing the ski goggles for the spray.

Ben, I’m skipping plyo and coming to ride the mountain tomorrow morning. I don’t have a functional road bike either, everything is ripped up for maintenance right now.

Ok then, it’s a road ride. I’ll bring my cross bike with knobbies. See you guys at 9

I’ll be there ready to ride the mountain.

nice. So it’s both. See you guys in the morning. but if I’m more than 5 minutes late then don’t wait for me.