So when's the protest at the F1 track?

I am so furious that these barriers are apparently up again.

Does anyone have a link to an organization leading the fight against this ridiculous non-sense.!/group.php?gid=94761786485

The rumor mill has suggested there might soon be cops with radar guns ticketing for exceeding the 30 km/h too.

I think the protest already happened.

I heard it was monitored by bike cops. I’m absolutely not stopping unless they can catch me.

i was there last night and passed 2 bike cops. they then radioed to the blue security car at the big turn…they also had a golf cart…intense.

Wonder how they’d handle the flamethower :evil:

What a joke. Imagine taking that sweet Argon TT bike with the Zipp 808’s from last night’s demo and crawling around the track at 30 km/h

This is completely and utterly a complete waste of our Money, a great facility and of tax payers money. I used to go rollerblading / cross training there. No more. I Can’t understand the motives behind this, there seems to be none except that someone hates cyclists and has a grudge…

Hey Graeme, have you ever seen a Triathlon?

…sorry, that one was wide open

Oh, well done Brandon

Hahaha Brandon! Points for you.

The same ***hole who is a director there (Gilles Ballard) who had the incident with a cyclist last year is still there. And I’m sure he’s still very resentful.

I think he should have been fired for incompetence after that affair, but it looks like the whole team there is in bed with the Gerald Tremblay administration. The main director Christian Ouellet directed Union Montreal’s electoral campaign a few years back, and recently, one of the opposition parties came up with a bill for a camera which he bought during a normal week day last september and got refunded by the party for…

Looks like Tremblay doesn’t like cyclists as much as he says.

The Tremblay admin and all his cronies are going to be out come next election now that the corruption issues are truly coming to a head.

THis is what happens when we let children play politics

I’ve seen some triathlons. Some people can ride bikes, some people can’t. Like in a cycling race. Okay…most people can’t. Sometimes I’m happy that drafting is illegal in AG triathlons. And this is even coming from a triathlete. Maybe I should only ride bikes.

someone at McGill got a ticket?

I can’t read about this stuff, it angers up my blood.

A court contestation is the perfect venue to get this stupidity shut down. Honestly, the anti needs to be upped, like a blockading protest shutting down the park entrance from the bridge effectively preventing traffic just from entering the casino. I don’t think PJD can take that sort of heat.

I was there today. They have the barriers on one side and speed bumps on the other so this dude and I just bunny hopped it in front of the cops. They did seem too amused but they also didn’t seem willing to pursue us on their mountain bikes. Then on the other side they have a similar set up but instead of a speed bump its just cones so we went through them. The cops also leave around 6 (might have been 7?) so we were free to do whatever after they left.

if they are actually issuing tickets I think that’s a fact that would anger a big segment of the population. Personally it makes me absolutely furious, not as a cyclist, but as a taxpayer. Quebec has the highest marginal tax rate of any state or province in North America which would be fine if it was going to fund the many social, economic and environmental issues that need attention, but to waste the resources of our police force, while ticketing cash strapped students who are simply training for a sport, is completely unacceptable.

I find it ironic that the apparent cause for the barricades is to improve safety, when the whole reason we ride at the track is precisely because it’s the safest place to train. It’s not like the track is some “Epic” ride. It’s just the only place in the city that’s safe from traffic and without potholes.

I really think these ridiculous measures need to be met with some strong form of resistance., The general public won’t really care that some cyclists don’t have a place to play on their bikes, but I think they would care that their government is wasting resources to target and charge university students who are out for a bit of exercise.

The thing with the people “rising up” and saying “stop spending stupidly” is that they don’t connect their taxes to the money being spent around them. Like the two police officers who have been standing on the corner of Sherbrooke and University, harassing individuals who step out on a yellow, yes its illegal, and yes its unsafe, but people don’t seem to care that those two are being paid full time.

My opinion, from the experiences I’ve had shared with me, is that changes to systems like this one do not come about from a ground up approach by the people. i.e. protests. The change comes about as a result of stepping around the individual in question to a person who has more power and is able to listen to reason. The most effective reason is to just point their thoughts in correct direction, and let them come up with their own conclusions. People fight for their own ideas more than for anyone else’s.