Specialized Toupe 143mm -- $50

White Specialized toupe saddle for sale, 143 mm width.
In good condition, a bit of wear but no tears or scratches.
This is a very comfortable saddle, but its too wide for me so I need to pick up a narrower version.

I actually have this saddle on both my road bike and XC mountain bike, and I can attest that it feels great. It is the best saddle I’ve ridden.

Soloway, I’m surprised that it is too wide for you; I actually had the narrower MTB version before (138 mm I think?) and it was WAY too narrow for me. Do your “sit bones” just cuddle super close together or what?

Soloway has a tiny buttocks!

LOL, I think Turtle just called Soloway … tight

I’m very interested in buying! Let me know when I can take a look at it. I’ll PM you my number

I’m not sure if i should be insulted or uncomfortable

You can be both.

The saddle is still available, let me know if you are interested.