Spin workouts online

I had an idea as i was busting my ass on my road bike during my break from work today. What if some of the people who lead the spin workouts post their workouts in the Training section of mcgillcycling? Then, this might get some more people to run classes who otherwise dont have the time, inclination, or knowledge to organize their own class. Also, these workouts could be used for individual riders when they are actually riding, (like me, because winter doesnt really exist in tokyo) by giving them some ideas as to what they should be doing on a training ride.

Any takers?


That’s a great idea, in fact David and I had discussed keeping an archive for the spinning work outs last week… I said I would start recording them, but I forgot to bring a note book on Tuesday. But I’m still willing to keep an archive, I’ll definatially record this Sunday’s and then, if people are interested I can post it on here.

Have people been posting their workouts on a thread I haven’t found?

I haven’t been able to make the workouts over the break and so have simply done workouts on my own. I know people suggested pasting their workout on the forum could this be possible.


Hey Vince,

It’s 2 posts up in the same forum under a sticky. And other than Marc, no, no one has been posting their training.