SPIN3 Nov18 6:30AM and SPIN4 Nov20 9AM

I’m going to stop spamming the Forum with these posts by grouping each weeks spins in a single one.

We will be doing the same routine as last week.

Bike Fit
Pedaling Technique
Ramping intensity Cadence
Ramping intensity Resistance
Ramping intensity Both at the same time.
One medium standing interval.
Cool Down

Total time on the bike ~75 minutes.

The bikes have SPD Mountain pedals,
Bring a Water Bottle
Bring a Towel
Eat Breakfast before
Wear Bibs if you have them (seats are not the best)



Spinning in 7.5 hours. GO TO BED!!!

woopsy. i got up and turned the light on and then went back to sleep.

GO TO BED!!! Spinning in the morning.