Spinning Nov 30th 9-11

Sign up now while the signing up is good. Do you really want to be outside in this weather?

is this saturday or sunday

Spinning is every Sunday, and only Sundays, from now till the winter break.

Sunday the 30th then :wink:

Everyone’s a critic…

hey guys,

Don’t forget to bring something for the food drive if you have something non-perishable! The bin should be behind the front desk.

so… is this supposed to be capped at 25 people?

No, 27. there are about 30 bikes in there. I capped at 27 to account for some of them being in rough shape. Having said that, please deregister yourself if you do not intend on coming.


Anyone who doesn’t want to spin inside with Mr. Hons should join us… the more the better! see the rides section of the form.

final paper of the semester is proving to much to handle. sorry, i must back out due to lamness. i suck :frowning:

I was up way too late last night deadlining as well - too tired this moring so I’m bailing too and sleeping a bit more :oops:

Hey guys, we are really sorry for the lack of spin bikes this morning. Worry not, there will be some angry emails sent, and we hope to never have that happen again. Thanks for bearing with us.

And for those of you who did come, you might think about taking a bath, otherwise you won’t be able to walk tomorrow after all those one legged squats (I just got out of the bath myself.)

Just to be clear, Ben is endorsing a hot bath for loosening up your muscles, not to clean off the filth of a pedal free workout.

right. and don’t forget to take a two minute shower before your bath to clean off any filth, because who wants to sit in a hot tub of filth and loosen your muscles?

btw, thank you Hons for throwing together an excellent pedal-free workout at the spur of the moment.