Spinning Sun Dec 14

Best exam break EVER!

i’m actually gonna come this time!!!


i even confirmed!!

Is it the last one before Xmas ?

some concerns about my left knee. (mentioned to andreas already)

I came to the spinning class last sunday. It was great for me since i am in a pityful cardiovascular state and i didn’t think i could last more then 30 minutes. But last weeks class was, at least i thought so, very good for me since i was able to keep up and work on my knee which is still recovering from surgery 3.75months ago.

(just to point out, at this point i am capable if doing machine weights, squats, etc and i did the bioflex test showing my peak strength on the left is 18.5% less than the right and the total work is 10% less after 3.5months. Both figures have to be below 10% before i can start skiing, skating etc.)

the problem is that since the class, a day or two later i have been suffering from this really awkwards inconsistant (more like sporadic) shooting pain originating in the knee and going down through the tibia it seems. Its sporadic in the sence that i can walk normally and all of the sudden i take a step and the pain is ridiculous that i am affraid of going any further. Next thing you know i am slowly testing it and the pain subsides… and then i walk normally again until it happens again. Then while sitting down i was testing to see where the pain was originating from. what i did: i secured my left foot with my other (wrapped around from behind) such that it could not slide further left. Next i pushed my left foot to the left (obviously being prevented from that movement with the right) and then applied a force with my hands on my left knee outwards to the left. The result was the same kind of pain mentioned above.

I havent worked out my legs since the sunday spinning class. I really want to come sunday again. I am planning on trying out light workouts tonight and see how my knee responds…

Im wondering if it was something from with my knee’s alignment. Since last class we did really low cadence high resistance pedal strokes which were supposed to help us concentrate on the motion etc. So i was trying hard to keep my knees alligned… i donno what and where i went wrong.

I was using my SPD shoes on the pedals of the spinners and i adjusted the bike to what felt comfortable without the knee surpassing the toes when the crank is at its furthest point forward (as mentioned in the class)

I definitely would not be doing any high resistance stuff. It really is hard on the knees. i think maybe you should wait a while longer before putting a lot of strain on it. but that’s just my non-doctorly opinion.

still got some concrete to mix…sorry

exams are killing me…unfortunately I’ll have to miss this sweatfest.