Spinning Sunday March 28th 9-11am

I need a minimum of 6 registered people (including me) to hold the class.
If you register, please come.


I will be there unless it’s “outside” weather, but I assume this goes for everyone.

it’s on!

Sunday’s weather is supposed to be light rain…
I’ll be at the gym for sure.

It’s supposed to be nice’n shiny. Take to the streets. Take loving care of your bikes!

I must say Jonathan is right. The forecast is a sunny 7°C in the afternoon. I would be happy to lead a “technique” ride around 2 pm, leaving either from the gates (go for flat) or the bottom of the Houde (go for hills).

My bad for the weather, it doesn’t rain until the evening…
I’m down for the technique ride.

yup yup.
so that means no getting up early tomorrow morning?

No spinning. Short technical ride around 2pm. I’ll post it in rides