Spinning this weekend?

Who knows if there will be spinning this Friday and Sunday? Is it completely cancelled due to lack of our fearless leader Hons? Or will Coach Adler be putting us through the paces again?

where did Hons go? or is it just bc of school? man, skip two or three spin sessions and ur completely out of the loop!

california. it’s a tough life.

I’ll be at the gym at the normal spin times. If there is no spinning class people can join me for a spinning freeforall in the varsity weight room. (And probably some box work, because its awesome).

hey Adam,

just talked to Ben: YES there will be spinning Friday and Sunday, led by COACH BEN. I’ve edited the two sign in sessions and took words out of Hons’ keyboard.

anyone know if there will be spinning next friday, the friday of the break?