Spinning Winter 2010

Spinning begins FRIDAY NOVEMBER 5

6:30 - 8:30 am in the spinning room of the Athletics Building

Schedule is every Friday 630 - 830 am
every Sunday 9 - 11 am

Things you need to know:

Spin bikes have SPD mountain pedals and toe cages, So bring either SPD mountain shoes or stiff shoes. We are not allowed to switch out pedals since a few sets of crank arms were destroyed in the past.

Bring a towel, Bring Water (or beverage of choice), bring a snack for afterward.

Wear bike clothing, bibs if you have them, shorts if you don’t and a workout shirt, normal jerseys don’t breathe when standing still

Building opens at 6:30, start spinning at 6:42 and includes a warm-up and cool-down, there will be stretching off the bike before we leave.

I will see all of you then.

I was just wondering what the focus will be during these rides.

Good question. Sales Pitch:

2 Sets of periodization before racing in the spring. With each set composed of 4 segments.

1 - Technique and Aerobic Zones
2 - Speed and Theshold
3 - Power and Resistance
4 - Anaerobic threshold work

Every workout will have components of each but will follow the focus of the period, band we will go through all these as a focuses from now until Christmas, and then again for a second time from January to Racing.

Adam- are you sure we can get in at 6.30? I distinctly remember having to wait until 7 to get a key…

the staff is supposed to have it open by 6:30. if not i know where to get the keys to unlock it

Timing is taken care of, a security guard will open the door first thing for us. Schedule stays as is.

Don’t forget the time change. Clocks go back one hour.

Wow. Totally would not have realized that. Thanks Jon!

Just realized it too. Nice call. I’ll be making it now.

Will be there starting Friday 12th. Do people already bring tunes for during?

nope. We have no music. But we will have to send somebody up to the equipment desk to get the key to the speaker system at 7 am. So bring it and we’ll rock out for the last 90 minutes.

for the love of god somebody please bring tunes for tomorrow morning

if i can get my ipod to work, i’ll bring it

might want to bring a cd; the triathlon club tried for years to use ipods and still hadnt got it working when I left last semester. it was just cds.
i have guests so im not making it tomorrow. afterward i will be a dedicated attendee and cd mixer!

No need for cds- we got it working (there is a manual)

This doesn’t really surprise me. Triathletes are very confused people, mixing three sports into one as if they were a child trying to create a game like soccer-basketball.

nomination for post of the year.

I second that motion.

As the leader of these workouts I am going to frown upon this line of conversation :(. We’re more inclusive than this you guys.

third nomination