Sponsor matter

(Cassie Li) #1

Hey y’all I need a few new parts for my bike. I’m just wondering who our sponsor is and what information we need to provide for proof. Thanks in advance!

(Nicolas Kleban) #2

Hi Cassie,

If you’re need some parts or maintenance for you bike you can take it to La Cordee boutique on the corner of St.Laurent and Fairmount. They should have what you need, just bring you’re student ID and you’ll get a 15% discount. Hope that helps!

(Craig Knobovitch) #3

What parts do you need specifically?

(Cassie Li) #4

Thank you Nick!

(Cassie Li) #5

Left shifter

(Craig Knobovitch) #6

what brand and type? road or mtb shifter?

(Cassie Li) #7

Shimano sora for road bike:)