Spring 2019 ECCC Racing Feeler Post

Hello Everyone!

There is light at the end of the tunnel! Spring is finally within sight. And with spring comes the wonderful collegiate cycling racing season as well! This post will brief you on the basics of collegiate cycling, and will also serve as a feeler to see how many people are interested in racing.

What is ECCC Racing?

The Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference is pretty self-explanatory. Universities across eastern US and Canada get together and race during the Spring every year. They are typically 4 categories for male racers (D through A, with D being apt for a beginner to road racing), and 3 categories (C through A) for female racers. This means that there is a race for you, regardless of your skill level and strength! More info about the ECCC can be found here.

How does McGill Cycling Organise race weekends?

Provided you are a team member, McGill Cycling organises and partially subsidises the costs of attending race weekends (fuel, car rentals, and accommodation). Post subsidy, it costs about 50-80 CAD to go to a race. This means that it is very easy to attend a race, and all you need to take care of is food and race registration fees.

What do I need to race?

Apart from a functioning road bike and a McGill Cycling kit (a jersey at the very minimum), you only need a UCI license from the FQSC (provincial cycling sports federation). This typically costs 100-130CAD, and can be used for a calendar year (so until December 31). More info can be found here. Note: You must be a student (undergraduate or postgraduate) in order to take part in most races. If you are no longer a student, contact me to see which races have an ‘Open’ category!

Which race weekends will McGill Cycling attend?
This year, we will attend the following races:

  1. Philly Phlyer: Philadelphia, PA, 16th-17th March 2019
  2. Bucknell Cycling Classic: Lewisburg, PA, 30th-31st March 2019
  3. L’enfer du Nord: Hanover NH and Middlebury VT: 6th-7th April 2019
  4. ECCC Championships: Charlotte VT, 27th-28th April 2019

What do I need to do to express my interest?!?!?

All you need to do now is sign up below in order to express your interest in going to the races. The sign up is by no means a sign of committal, but is rather a feeler to see how many individuals are down!

So sign up in large numbers! We need to crush our competition…

  • Philly Phyler: March 16th-17th
  • Bucknell Cycling Classic: March 30th-31st
  • L’enfer du Nord: April 6th-7th
  • ECCC Championships: April 27th-28th

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Make sure to take some pics this season! The website would look good with more recent photos (although we all love the 2015 glory days)

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Hey @PeteW, yes you are right. Among the many things I have to do, I need to find sometime to work on the website… Thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

Come on everyone! SIGN UP :slight_smile: Racing is fun, and tends to be a great excuse to not be at the library studying for finals!