who plays? I want start playing on a bit of a regular basis. A bit of lateral movement might do us bikers some good.

Absolutely! I’ve been looking for a partner, haven’t played too much the last few years. Here’s to cross-training!

I’m game.


Play tennis instead. Its way betterrr!! *no bias whatsoever :slight_smile:

I play squash!

What about a team sport where more people can play at one time? I hope I speak for any first years when I say that a game like Basketball could help more newbies mingle and still offer lateral motion, jumping, upper body, stamina workouts.

That being said I think squash is a terrific idea- haven’t played in a while and I forget most of the rules.

DhruvB, there was some serious interest in a intramural basketball team among the mountain bikers a few weekends ago. Personally I couldn’t get a ball into the basket from the foul line if my life depended on it, so I’m out, but go ahead and make a post to see who’s interested. I promised that I would come and take pictures if you compete in McGill cycling spandex…

im up for squash any time

@DhruvB: make the basketball thread and i’ll sign up

I’m in for basketball! Open gym on the weekends is 2-8:30pm - I’m open for afternoon/ evening drop-in this Sunday! I’ll bring a bball… Probably too late to start an intramural team this semester but maybe in January…

i play and am interested

lets get a round robin going!

yes! where did all of you squashers come from? Start posting squash threads.

i play squash … i have time in weekends :slight_smile:

Lol the thread is 4 years old, but I’m down to play squash whenever if anyone wants to join.


I’m game.

I have a court booked at 8:15pm wednesday nov 18th. Anyone interested?

If I were to book a squash court for some time before the 22nd would anyone want to play a bit? I’m reeeally bad, but 100% looking to play some more!