SSMU referendum voting


I have been forced by my fellow TVMCGILL producers to harrass anyone and everyone who goes to McGill to please vote for the SSMU elections. It is so vital that TVMcGill gets funding for next year! Please if you have 3 minutes go to google and type in mcgill ssmu elections voting winter 2011 and you will be able to find the website to vote. If anything please just vote YES for TVMcGill and ignore the rest of the questions! We need 300 more votes!!!



Why should we support this organization?

Maybe if they did a segment on the McGill Cycling Team…

Maybe i can do a segment! But we can’t if we get no money!

Support this organization because its the only way students at mcgill can get video production experience. We are a service and we can’t promote or film events without this funding.