Stirrup pedals

Good evening friends-------

Would anyone have a pair of stirrup pedals (is this the term used??) that I could borrow for the weekend??? (need them for a race)

Let me know ASAP


if by stirrup you mean old school clips - then yes I’ve got a pair in some state of use (not entirely sure).

When do you need them by?

rat traps

mine are the shimano wedge shaped ones - not rat traps

hey jason-

Ideally, if I could pick them up today or tomorrow, that would be fantastic.

Are you around campus??

Thanks a lot for getting back to me! As long as I can squeeze a pair of XC skiing boots in there, I’ll be fine!boots in there, I’ll be fine!

I’ll bring them to work with me - I’ll be on campus most of the day. PM’ed you my cell #