Stolen bike alert

Hi all

First post here, though I’ve been cycling in Montreal for 5 years.

I just had a Bianchi Axis cyclocross bike stolen off a rack at UQAM yesterday afternoon (6 pm Nov. 17). It’s probably the only one in Montreal, esp. in its size (44 cm). It has front/rear lights and SPD pedals.

If anyone sees it, please notify the police or me at McGill extension 8372. also if you have any friends in used bike shops, that might be a way to search too. The more eyes the better!!

Thanks all. It’s a couple years old but it’s my baby.

Hope this is your bike.

yes it is!!! A buddy was searching CL and found it and emailed the shop…

he also alerted them about the Cannondale, so miracles are possible!


you are lucky

if you actually use that bike for cyclocross let me know and we should ride sometime!

I love cyclocross, did most of the Quebec cup a couple years ago, haven’t done much racing since because I work too much.

Always looking for fun/crazy races to do, though. Le pentathlon de neiges this year for sure.

thats crazy cool…

i wrote the guy who posted about a stolen bianchi with shim 105 the following:


The following in not meant to be taken personally:

Could I suggest bringing it to a police station. They have storage rooms where they store retrieved stolen goods (at least until they are claimed - or not… then they go for police auctions…)

If the bike was forth more then say a thousand bucks and I had it stolen… you bet that I would file a police report (side story: I filed a police report for a 850$ Brodie cyclocross. later on I browsed craigslist and found a seller selling my stolen bike for 700 on craigslist claiming it was 1050 four years ago - which was bogus. I called the cops, they told me to go there and identify the bike and then call them up. I did and did not confront the seller - I just called the cops and they took care of the situation and i got my bike back). All I’m saying is if you show up to a station, and tell the police about the bike - then they will check their database for a filed police report that contains the same description of the bike currently in your possession.

Thats what i would do … with an expensive bike nonetheless. For you this was just a suggestion.

Hope you find the seller.

Best of luck,


its cool that you found it!