Storing my bike during the summer

Hey guys…
I am leaving Montreal at the beginning of May and I won’t come back in Canada until the end of August. Hopefully, I have a bike in Houston and I will be able to go cycling during the summer, but I don’t know what to do with my bike here. I don’t have an appartement, nor any place to put it :frowning:

Does anyone knows a place where I could store it during the summer ? If not, does any of you have an extra-space for a bike ?
Thanks a lot.


I leave all my stuff in a storage unit over the summer. If you can’t find anywhere else to put your bike they are safe and don’t cost too much and you can leave your other things there as well. A 5 x 4 foot size one was what I got my first year, now I have a 5 x 6, and I think it was 50 a month. It’s a good idea if you do have the other stuff that is hard to bring back and forth between home and school.

jocelyn, if you want you can leave it at my place. I have a dirt basement that i’m scared of so i don’t use it much. I won’t help you bring it down though, i’m convinced people are burried down there. But you’re welcome to leave it there!!!

dude, bring it to texas. it’s like $100 bucks on the plane and then you will be sure to ride it all summer.

Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, I’ll be moving around quite a bit during summer, so I can’t really take it with me :confused:
If it really isn’t a problem, I’d rather leave it at your place, Alex. I promise I’ll try not to awaken the dead :stuck_out_tongue:

no problem, i’ll be back in town monday so just let me know when you want to drop it off

Hey Alex…Can I come this afternoon, or tomorrow ?
Also, I don’t know the adress to your house. What is it ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

i’ll give you my info in a PM (personal message?)