This could be of use to anyone who like hills and and has a garmin/smartphone:

Maybe we could place a few McGill cycling members on the leaderboards!

Made my day haha

On most segments around Montreal, I usually see Mat BR, Brandon Tulloch and Justin Purificati in the upper echelons.
The worst are segments that go through traffic lights and stop signs, you either need to be lucky or really stupid to get a good time on them.

I’m convinced someone is going to get hit by a vehicle chasing segments

there is a McGill Cycling Team “group” that can be joined on Strava (doesn’t add much though)

Like I’ve always said, Pete- someone who was hammering with a tailwind just happened to hit green lights. When he/she got home they noticed how fast they were going and made a ridiculously unsafe segment which they knew would go uncontested due to safety concerns.

The worst ones I’ve seen in Montreal are the descents, frankly.
…especially Atwater

I lived a block away from atwater for three years, it’s not always busy and like most places in mtl, if you understand the light patterns you can cruise.

I must become the strava champion…

LOL Drew you should set up a Strava segment sending riders through Aylmer and Milton and University and Milton

I knew it.

I hate to say it, but descents on Strava are all just accidents waiting to happen

forget the website, racing each other, either virtually or in real time, on descents in a city with traffic and pedestrians is simply the height of cyclist stupidity.

People were dumb as bricks before Strava came out… Now they’re just easier to track.

I still think it’s a great site for tracking KOMs… Who can descend a straight line quicker is not something to write home about unless you’re 10 pounds.

Recall that we live in a world that requires “Warning: Hot” labels on coffee

Before anyone internet rages I would like to note that my previous comment is a metaphor

It is the death of common sense.

MCdonalds made me fat, I’ll sue them… No… it’s the fact you ate 400 hamburgers that made you fat

Strava rewards me for going fast and being dangerous.
I think I will be reckless and dangerous… It’s not my fault. I don’t control my actions…

But then again this is in California. This case has a very good chance of actually making it to trial and winning.

darwinism at it’s finest.

@Neil: +1 for your comment. Strava doesn’t make people go fast, all it does is record stupid behaviour. If you’re so hell-bent on going for a crazy descent, how about do it at a time when absolutely no one is out and have someone watching traffic for you. If you end up in accident, most of the time there was something that you could have done to prevent it. Not all the time of course but most accidents can be avoided if you use your head and think about what you’re doing

@ Justin: aka in a race setting.

Strava idiocy at it’s finest: