Stud finder?

Does anyone own a stud finder they’d be willing to lend me? Bicycles take up too much space on the floor and I have 4 wall mounts to make use of!

u can just tap on the wall…

A bit of useful knowledge: studs are usually 16 or 12 inches apart

You can also use magnets.

i have one you can borrow. magnets only work for metal studs. tapping requires a well-tuned ear.


Tapping works sometimes, stud finders work sometimes, but neither is perfect, especially in old apartments where sometimes you have plaster walls with wire lathe with more plaster on top. The stud finders just get confused, because they’re calibrated for modern gyprock walls.

If you want to find a stud, look for a light switch or a wall socket. Unscrew the cover, and take a good look at the sides of the metal box everything’s in. Those boxes have to be mounted on a stud, and like Dennis said they’re usually 16" (12 is pretty rare) so once you found one, it’s easy to find the next few. Don’t be afraid to drill a little pilot hole to check, it’s easy to fill holes if they’re small.

Also, a great way to find a stud is to look at the nails in your floor boards. If your floor boards are nailed in at 16" or 12" intervals, you know the builder was nailing them into the studs.


Sorry Emily, we hijacked your thread

haha don’t worry about it. I appreciate all the advice! Thanks everyone!

I’m very disappointed that no one made the obvious joke.

Google Pete Watson?


I do have an electronic stud finder if you still want it…