Student-athlete night: where were you?!

OK cyclists: the cycling team had the 2nd largest contingent in the student-athlete honour roll category yet only 3 cyclists showed up at the reception (too bad we had the rugby team cheering like crazy behind us).

Now I wholeheartedly agree with you that potlucks are way more fun, more socially-friendly, have better food etc. but maybe McGill would take us a bit more seriously if their “important” event was mutually seen as such!!!

hope most of you were actually riding - as that would be fully warranted! (ok studying too!!!)

see you @ the potluck!


oh we did not know about I think, and yes I agree that we should definetely be there.

sorryyyy … didn’t know :frowning:

I had no idea. :frowning:

you should have gotten an email if you were invited…

i also had no idea…sorry

I was planning to go but my last patient took forever and I was going to be late.


I hope you represented well

I was invited, but I figured it must be a mistake since I haven’t been a student for over a year :lol:

my roommate marc also was invited, same situation. He’s been working for a year

I have always gone in the past and been lonely as the only (or one of the only) people there. So I figured no one else would show up this year!