Suggestions for light, great Cross wheels / tyres?

yessiree, the time is a-coming!

I’m putting my bike on a diet so any cross wheel / tyre suggestions are welcome…

if you find yourself asking What is Cross??? Then have a wee lookie at this highly entertaining piece…

cheers all!
amanda :smiley:

are you going to be running tubulars?
i hear dughast are the best

no, no tubulars - no patience for the glue-ing / waiting / repeat …
and no skills for it either, which is probably the more critical of the two things!!! :lol:


Got a friend who rides zipp 404 so I don’t it really matters. The only thing is to be sure to have large enough tire, maybe 26 should fit. I’m not a specialist about that so maybe you should ask Jonathan or Ben A. …

ive been racing cross for a while, just not in the past two years so im a bit out of the loop ~ that’s why i was seekign suggestions if anybody had “pet” tyre wheel choices…
I’ve got Michelins on right now that are great, have used Nokkians before…

I asked my good friend and cyclocross guru Jeff about clinchers and this was his answer:

Michelin Mud2 is good but the rubber is soft and wears fast (i.e. not good to train on). It is one of the best treads for handling though, and they are light. They call them 30c but they measure a proper 32-33 which is good. Very predictable, and will probably be on my clinchers in the pits most of the season.

Schwalbe Racing Ralph is probably the most grip of any tire, good for slick mud and snow/ice, but not so great for thick mud as it packs up more. Also, they’re not cheap. Lots of guys swear by them though.

For more all around training/racing use, I’d say one of: Hutchinson Bulldog (huge size, all around tread), Maxxis Raze (fairly light, good tread pattern), and Continental has a new tire “Cyclocross Race” which is supposed to be good unlike their old Twister tread.

For me personally, I am thinking of setting up a set of tubulars for racing with Dughast Rhino or Challenge Grifo if I can afford new wheels, and I’ll likely run the Bulldog on my clinchers for training/pit wheels

Oh cool! A 'cross post! When I was at McGill, nobody wanted to come to the 'cross races with me.

At any rate, I’ve tried and liked the Michelins on hardpack surfaces, and right now I’ve not Ritchey Logic Speedmax cross tires for hardpack. They have more knobs than a semi-slick, but are not good for wet-mud: You can get them in a number of widths.

I’ve also used a Maxxis wormdrive on the rear… great tire but I’m not sure if it’s still available.

I’m running them on Mavic Ksyrium elite wheels. They’ve stood up well to the abuse of 'cross, though I don’t usually use them on the most technical (rocky and rooty) courses.

woots! taaa everyone for the fab suggestions - and thanks Adam for the heads-up, i kinda thought of those things in regards to those wheels :wink:

I will be seeking out some nice new tires and wheels hopefully soon!

PC, I am the cross lady. Hopefully I’ll rope in some McGill TriGeeks too! Provided my calf muscle doesn’t explode (what kept me from tri and road largely this year) I am in for cross in any and all forms. In fact, I’m already training on the mountain, but just doing an interval workout then some basic cross skills (mounts /dismounts). Message me, we’ll set up a meeting & trainign time if you like.
(its 8h15 am Saturday - heading to be mountain-side by 8h45-9am - super short notice but if you’re reading this now…)

Barriers - anyone in contact with Big Dave (ALbert) ex of Martin Swiss (Little Dave, I’m a-lookin’ at you kid)? He made the last barriers that worked pretty well… So long as we don’t run anyone over or piss them off too much we’ve not had too much trouble with cross practise on the mountain… and just imagine running up the stair with your bike on your shoulder! :twisted:

I’m on a rest-week this week upcoming, so I expect to noodle on the mountain a bunch ~ mounting an dismounting… all are welcome!