Summer Weight Training

Part of the Negotiations with McGill Athletics this year was for cheaper summer access to the Gym facility. This includes Varsity Weight Room, Fitness Center, Pool and Courts. I was told that if there are 10+ people interested we could start working out the numbers.

Currently the price is $100 per person for the summer. My goal is $20.

Please sign up above so that I can begin working this out. Justin, our VP Coaching will be putting together our training plan and we’re going to get awesome.


just throwing it out there, but most cyclist don’t do the gym in the summer.

i tried to talk adam out of it

I’ll do anything for 80% off

for sure in (i mean for using the facilities, not for weight training).

Its a big deal to have succeeded in getting this far in the negotiations with McGill Athletics. Even if some do not want to train in the gym it is important for the team to have as many resources available to its members as possible year round.

I Think it’s a great Idea to weight train all Racing season. Props Adam

Im in for weight training! Also, how much does a summer membership for the Cycling team cost? I paid for the fall and winter semesters, but I suspect there’s a summer membership too, right?

There hasn’t been a summer fee in the past. I do not believe there will be one in the future. Anytime you join is good until September 1st.

4 more people needed. Then I can go negotiate.


Is there a way to send out a mass message? I tend to neglect the message boards, but respond diligently to emails…

Alex, if you hit the subscribe link in the original post, and hit “subscribe to this page”, you should get an email for each additional post on this thread.

I am very interested in using the gym in the summertime, but I don’t know if this helps since I’m an alumni? But I am a paying member of the club… and compete in the summer

Good point, I won’t bring it up if they don’t. But if they do I’ll make sure you are the same as everybody else.

2 more people please. Then I can go and strike a deal.


i plan on doing some stuff in the gym but i’m also going to be using the pool. i should be paying the full price but I’m cheap so i’m in I guess

I think you should argue for free, i’d be in if it was free, or very close.

I’ll sign up if it helps your bargaining power. I’m sure a little maintenance weights couldn’t hurt my nonexistent racing regime

We’re at 10. I will get back to you guys as soon as I get a price.


Negotiations are done. As a team we will get complete access to everything the Athletics building has to offer for $75 (25% off)

We still need 10 people with their name and student ID numbers. Team Pays Athletics, You pay the team.

PM me with your name and ID. As soon as there is 10 we have access to the gym the next day so message me quickly. Especially if this rain is going to continue. I will keep a running tally here on this thread.

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