Sunday 14 March West island with Synergy

So I was in Synergy today in Pointe Claire, and Patrick told me he is doing a big west island/off the west end of the island ride on sunday. I am tempted, but I wouldn’t want to do something like that without some moral support. Any medium-fast guys or girls want to check that out? This would be a pretty big one i think, but Patrick stressed to me that it will NOT be a hammerfest, just a tempo ride.

Yesh. What time?

not sure yet. if you’re interested I’ll find out.

i’d be in for this too. I haven’t been out there yet this season.

I’m interested too if the weather doesn’t suck. Turns out I’m NOT in TO this weekend.

I would be interested. Any idea what the total time would be?

There’s no way i’m doing more then 3-4 hours on Sunday, so anyone wanting to ride that distance can bunk with me on the ride home.

i could be in for this as well…depending on time

is it a rain or shine ride?

so many questions…of which I would like the answers as well!

I might be in if the finals studying goes ok and the weather isn’t the suck

Ok, so here is the info I have received from patrick russel via text message:
“I’m planning to ride 2-2.5 hrs. Maybe meet at the shop [synergy] and do a loop of ile perrot and a few laps of john abbott? Weather permitting… Some time around noon?”
He’s not too stoked to ride in a cold spring rain either, so it would have to be at least not really raining.

Who’s in? Also, I would not be opposed to taking the train out to point claire if that meant I could ride all the way back into town. Kind of lame, but whatevs. I don’t really feel like riding 4 1/2 hrs. (although I could be coerced into it.)

Also, anyone coming on the ride has to be kitted up to the MAX. Nothing but A+ pro mcgill gear. (Nybom, I don’t know what we’re gonna do about you.)

Can old guys come? I want to ride too.

of course. Patrick himself is not overly young. (and if you are creeping on our forum, patrick, I mean that in the nicest way)

If the sun’s out, I’ll be all too glad to forsake spinning and come.

I have nothing to do Sunday, so I am down for riding out, doing the ride, and riding back if anyone else is game

sorry ben this looks like a wet cold slog. I’m going to go west island it up tomorrow AM instead…

I’m sticking with the synergy ride unless it is truly awful. in which case I just won’t ride.

I’ll come unless it’s raining Bad. Im really not a fan of getting wet

30% chance of rain as of right now. I’m cool with riding if its only raining 30% of the time.