Sunday 3pm Intermediate. F1 and escalade

Today 3pm intermediate ride! no escuses since i think most exams are finished… meet at the bottom of peel street just before the entrance of the Lachine canal bike trail. I am looking for about 2 hours of riding. Im not sure of the route yet, im thinking F1 then escalade but im flexible.

here is the meeting place:,-73.556383&num=1&vpsrc=0&ie=UTF8&t=


Ryan how much of your gels etc do u want me to bring for u?

can we get there by wellington street ?

i might be a bit late if i get lost …

Ya Wellington street gets you there. Easiest way from McGill is to go straight down peel street. Can’t get lost. Very easy. Go down peel till u see a bike track.

te but im coming from wellington might save time

ill figure it out :stuck_out_tongue:

THanks for the ride

Is the sign up true? Did you guys witness the Return of Ryan Primeau?!

Yes. he still likes to hammer