Sunday Apr 3 Hills - 3:00 pm

Meet at the bottom of the Houde. Probably KOM loop and mount pleasant, but we’ll adjust based on who wants to do what. All levels.

I will probably be doing Mt Pleasant tomorrow afternoon. I could meet you guys there.

Eric, any chance you want to bump this ride back to 3? Then Drew and I will join.

Just a heads up, I’m going to be doing the exact same ride at three. I’d go at one but I’m going to the library for the early part of the day and I prefer rides to end before appropriate meal times.// will probably be something more along the lines of recovery hills.

Fine with me.

8 degrees and sunny ! Will be there for sure.

Awesome. See you then.

I’ll probably be out there too…maybe the circuit or just some reps in westmount


probably can’t come, i’m in a first aid course today, thought it’d get out before 2:30… not the case by any means.

MATBR??? Bring your Hammer stuff guys, this is gonna hurt! :slight_smile: