Sunday June 24 Long ride 9h30

I don’t know a lot of long rides around Montreal so I suggest we decide together before leaving. I was thinking 100k+. I can lead a ride out to Senneville but that’s about the only one I know.

Meet at the gates at 9h30. Weather stays sunny until 1h30.

This is groudbreaking. Jocelyn posts a long ride

Will he bring enough food?

What kind of pace are you guys gonna set for this? Still not sure if I can go that early.

You could try the St-Hilaire ride:

Road’s a lot nicer than Senneville. I did get lost with Alex doing it but that’s because we went on BOULEVARD RICHELIEU ( the 112 ) instead of CHEMIN RICHELIEU. That stretched the loop by a good 20k

My tip to people naming streets: Don’t have two streets with the same name intersect each other.

ill be there! loving this!!

Definitely down! See you guys at 9:30

Big group! awesome

May or may not be there, don’t wait for me

will we be back by 1h30?