SUNDAY Sept 19th, 12:30 West Island (70km), Bgnr/Inter

Hey All

Meeting point is CYCLE TECHNIQUE, which is being finalized as our bike shop sponsor for this season.

Here is a link to their location. Basically, it’s on Atwater just below Rene Levesque. We’ll meet in front.,+QC&cid=0,0,16571469088526755837&ei=gdKHTJrbA4L7lwfm7_n2Dg&ved=0CB0QnwIwAQ&source=embed&ll=45.485074,-73.580452&spn=0.007943,0.01929&z=16&iwloc=A

Pace will be based on who shows up but should be nice an steady with only one stop. Sign up to let us know you’re coming.

of course I take for granted that SUNDAY prevails over Sept 20 :wink:

If I’m feeling healthy (I’m getting over a nasty cold) I’ll be there.

oops! fixed that :slight_smile:

darn, Ive got a rec class until 1. is this the usual time for beg/int rides on sunday? I was under the impression that most rides on the weekend were at 8 am…?

Hey Yukon

Rides are more or less ad-hoc. We are hoping to get a regular 8:00am ride going every Sat or Sun but old habits die hard. My advice is to monitor the form for what works best for you or, alternatively, feel free to post your own rides, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much feedback you’ll get.


Any chance Cycle Technique will be open today?

Yes, they are open from 12:00 to 5:00pm. We haven’t finalized our deal with them for this year yet, so if you have something big ticket that you need to get, and you’ve paid your team/club fees, you might want to wait until after Monday.

so should I generally ignore the calendar? ie since the beginner ride at 7am tomorrow is not on the forum, it probably isnt happening?

Question about the sponsorship thing: How will they know we are part of the team if we are to get the discount? Do we get something or will they just have a list of who is on the team.