Sunday, Sept 25th, Intermediate, Whiteface Mtn

I’d like to do a loop around and climb Whiteface Mountain, NY this Sunday 25th (leaving early, like 7:30 - 8am, returning in the evening) anybody interested in joining and sharing some costs? There is one spot in the car, but if more people are interested I can try to rent a rack at la cordee. Intermediate pace, climber legs, 13km at 8%, 100-120 km. Post % confidence you will be able to actually make it on Sunday. Expect costs between 20-30$

Hey, I’m currently doing some work on my bike but if its ready on sunday I would love to go!
let me know
and I’ll let you know very shortly if I can come

95% < confident I can make it.
Let me know what you want.

I have 3 people interested. Keith contacted me first so he has a spot. I’m trying to find a trunk mounted rack for 3 bikes (+1 in the trunk) so you guys could join as well. The option La Cordee didn’t work. Ideas?

also I might change destination to Jay Peak. I.e. if they predict thunder showers for Lake Placid. I know the weather network did at one point.

If you are still interested PM me your phone number so I can reach you on Saturday in case I find a rack. If no longer interested let me know as well.

Does the McGill team not have any bike racks? Maybe a good investment… To leave in an office.

Hey guys, I have a bunch of American money so you guys can use some if u need we can trade it at par.