Svein Tuft finishes 10th in TT with broken bars!

Pure skill!

Lesson is: Do your planks?

Lesson: don’t buy carbon handlebars?

I’m with Ben on that one.

Cracked a bar off from hitting a bump? Yikes…talk about QC issues.

I thought we all learned carbon bars were bad from poor Big George at Roubaix in 2006

It was hincapie’s carbon steerer that snapped, not his bars.

jeezum crow. I can’t wait for this carbon fad to go away. Then I won’t feel inferior not riding it.

Hincapie’s case is one of broken aluminium, not carbon.
Funny to see they were also using a suspension on that bike.

Finally found some pictures. It wasn’t a full break, it was just the right central extension, so it looks like he was just putting both hands on the other bar.


Still crazy.

Ben, didn’t they say the same thing about aluminum when they started making bikes out of that? :wink: