Switch from competing to non-competing

Hey, so just kinda/barely finished my first KOM and realized I’m no-where near the level I’d need to be to do competitions :stuck_out_tongue: No worries though, doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop riding. Just wanted to know how I could change from being signed up for competitive and switch to just the casual riding ($40) group. Thanks

if you really wanna switch i’m sure we could arrange something, but “intro” level races at the ECCC are a great way to start since they’re A) done in a super friendly environment and B) are infinitely easier than KOM

don’t let KOM discourage you! there is a huge difference between racing in a pack and soloing up a hill. there are different events such as criteriums which suit people who are better on flats. the racing weekends are more about the experience than how you place and you will also get stronger way faster by racing.

food for thought


I started with MCT on a crappy bike and frankly, crappy fitness. I barely made it up these hills last year as well (I had to walk my bike for some parts). If you capitalize on the winter training we do (plyometrics, lifting, and spin classes), you will make huge improvements, especially if you’re just starting out. I agree with Mike, don’t let your first ever KOM get you down. It’s only September! David makes a good point too- Intro races are a really great way to, well, introduce yourself to bicycle racing (and if you train with MCT over the winter- you might just end up stomping the Intro category like a few McGill riders).

Winter training and persistent riding will improve you significantly (speaking from experience here --> I think any other riders here can attest to how badly I sucked last year).

Keep riding,

P.S. If you have an iPhone, Android, or Garmin, consider signing up with Strava, it’s a ride tracking software in which you can track your best times over certain patches of road called segments. This software, if anything will make you stronger because it’s such an addiction. Check it out: http://www.strava.com/ A lot of MCTers are on it, so it would be worth your while.

I’ll echo: you’re more than welcome to jump down a level if you want, but I can promise that if you train even moderately over the fall and the winter, you will have an enjoyable and successful season in the ECCC. Remember, most of the riders in Advanced would race A; most of the riders in intermediate will be racing C. That leaves two whole categories of racers lower than what you were riding with today.

hurr hurr we r all racers tho and r biased

hahah didn’t know most of that. I’ll stick with it then. Thanks for all the responses