Th/Fri/Sat/Sun Rides

Today is a beautiful day and it looks like the entire week will be just as nice. Riding from the gates at 12 Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 12 if anyone is interested. Work prevents me from scheduling the weekend rides earlier)


My bad Nick I need your number. I flatted on a nail on st catherine and had to swap tires thanks to the gapping hole it left. Call or text me so I can get it. 514 943 9509. Ill be out tomorrow at 12

well even the crazy texan didn’t show up for his own ride. i see you guys arguing about weather its better for the bike on trainers or rollers, but the truth is, its actually better for your fitness if you show up for real bike rides on roads that are bone dry!

Mistake,Saturday I’m riding at 9:30

i should make it on sat.

Sunday leaving at 12, riding to L’il Bizard to do a lap and head back. 130km-ish?

Well classes are over so time to hit the bike. Heading out at noon this Sat and Sun for a few hours if anyone would like to join. Should be nice and warm by 12.

Call/text/reply to the forum and I’ll meet you at the gates, otherwise I’ll just head out from my apt.

514. 943. 9509