Thanks to all of you for the Crit

Just a little word to thank all of you McGill guys (and girls) for this awesome crit. I want to thank especially Mat BR and Ben A for the organisation!! Great job…!
The “atmosphere” was really nice…!! (different than some other races, chuuttt…)

ok, I was going to send out an email, but since Math Frad created this post, might as well use it. Thanks to all of you who volunteered and made this day possible: Scott, Dave, Peter, Graeme, Juan, Stephen, Jocelyn, Vic, Erin, Marie-Ève, Drew, Mireille, Brandon, Max, Randall, Jozina, Francis, Lisa, Jean-Pierre, Josh, and also Michael and Alexandra Mateer who will probably not read this email but did a fantastic job during the whole event!

Max and Ben’s photographer (forget her name…), if you can send us (mcgillcycling@gmail) 4-5 pics of the key races, I would put them in an article that I’ll send to pedal mag and vélo nouvelles shortly. The faster the better :slight_smile:

Thanks to UdM for showing up en force!

if you volunteered at the race, please see the debrief thread in the team only section to note any improvements that we could implement for next year.

Oh Mat, don’t forget … Georgia (???) !!!

that’s the thing, I forgot her name (arrggghh). Anyone?

Are you talking about Jozina?

no, I would never forget HER name

Max, send me any pics that could help me retrace them :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, glad I was able to make it out.

They have me as a Jr on the results - whatever it takes to get me on the podium!

Yes, congrats to everyone for making the event such a success! Your organization was very impressive.

And Mat, maybe you also want to contact this new publication, as they may be interested in the history that was just made for Canadian cycling:

what pics are we talking about? of who? very confused…

@Max: we’re talking about your eventual pictures of the improvised “podium girls”

to all:
They missed one of the comments I had suggested for a picture: A McGill trio chasing at the Big Mac Campus crit (me, Gruber, Brandon). Anyway, I think it was clever…

Also, we got the news that we’ll have to change host for website, and it will be done shortly. Since Jonathan is away in Moab until Saturday, there’s a possibility that the site will shut down for 2-3 days, don’t panic, it will be back up shortly

If this was to happen, I suggest we use:
during the transition period