The Green Mountain Stage Race

Hi Everyone, it is a bit early yet, but there’s this stage race in Vermont about 3 and a half hours from Montreal from 9/1 to 9/4 (registration is starting to fill up already though). You have to be Cat 4, however I think that the UCI licenses qualify anyone for a Cat 3 race, so that shouldn’t be much of a problem. For anyone holding a USA Cycling license, they will most likely accept your word that you participated in the ECCC races or any other race you have done, regardless of whether or not you have the results when you try to upgrade. It’s about $150 bucks, but its well over 100 miles in total of racing for any category, highest category 216 miles. Also there’s money to be won. This seems like a good race since it’s fairly close to Montreal.

Enjoy summer!


Would love to come if I have the money and if I’m not camping that weekend (I promised some people I would but it might get canceled). Are you doing it for sure? I looked at the website and it sounds awesome! Anyone else tenatively interested if we could split a hotel or something?


I’d go, but as of right now I dont have a way of getting there since I cant drive. If I had a ride I’d go though. It does sound cool, with sprint, king of the mountain and gc competitions. Also its apparently $20 cheaper before the 13th of August, I think there are about 30 spots left in cat 4, which I think is capped at 200.


So I will be going, on my way back to school, if anyone else is going maybe we could coordinate or something theres like 10 spots left in cat 4 but plenty in 3 or P/1/2 or women’s categories.

Would’ve loved to go but I definitely am going camping that weekend. Too bad!

Have lots of fun Dan!


I’d be interested to go. It sounds like a LOT of fun man !!!

I’ll see what the budget says and who is interested. Dan la Manne ? Pour essayer tes 303!! :shock: - :arrow: wicked light bastard :wink:

Dan R, are you going for sure. Where do you stay ?