The House of Hons moveth!

Living on your own is a wonderful thing, I recommend it. However, it is particularly difficult to move a couch with only 2 arms. So I am offering to you, my favourite McGill cycling team, the opportunity for some critical cross training.

I am moving apartments next Wednesday and am wondering if I could get a handful of volunteers to graciously offer their services to hoist furniture. The good news is that I am only moving up 1 floor. I will supply foods for during the moving to keep your strength up and after we have everything upstairs we can all open a beer and see how many will fit on my porch. I’m thinking that it should only take a few hours, and I will be eternally grateful.


Oh, and the moving will start at 1130AM

I’m busy running experiments during the day next week - but I’ll give you a hand if you can delay until the evening.

lots of beer papa bear?

Of course. But you have to move it before you can drink it.

i think i hve to be scooping icecream then. you should get your movers ice cream

Is your shop willing to sponsor my moving?

as the manager, i’ll have to say no…haha… will try and show up if time permits… whats the address?

But I’m sure Soloway would sacrifice his tip to provide :wink:

Ima be in town then - where do you live?

Address is in the team only section. if you are planning on popping in at all, if you could send me and email or register here so that I know how much food and fluids to get.

I’ll be able to stay an hour or two (starting at 11)

Mat, the new moving time is 1130 instead of 1100.

no work… i expect good snacks

Hey Alex, I’m going to bring the two wheels to give you yours back.