The official Rutgers photos thread

Here’s my first jet of pictures from the TT and crit. All pictures are severly reduced, so if you want full sized and quality, lemme know.
And the pictures for the road race:

I’ll be posting thumbnails (in the coming days) with file numbers of all photos, so if you want any emailed to you let me know.

Also, I’ll be posting them soon to the mct site gallery, and probably some on facebook too.

And did i mention that dvds with all photos are available upon request!

sweet pictures!

could I request a DVD please? I need to bring you a blank one?

…awesome weekend! thanks for all the photography

yeah, jon, I’m in for a dvd as well. when and wheer can I giva you a blank one?

Could we get some of the pictures that AJ took on that dvd as well?

jon has most of them already. i shall give him the ones i took on sunday as well.

Also in for a DVD. Would you like me to give you a blank one?

Regarding the dvds:
Thanks to Seb who left me a 10 dvd pack, the following will get one for free.
So far, Seb, the Twins, Thomas, AJ, Veronica, Hons, John, Mat, Juan and backups are getting one.

I’ll be doing them a bit later this week though, since i have a lot of material to sift through, and since i intend on lightly postprocessing a few of the better images.

This will also allow me to collect pictures from others who want to make a merged dvd.
People can provide me with blank dvds at spinning, or around campus.

Finally, thanks to all the photographers who have relayed me at my camera! I think at least 5 of you took turns!


thanks again for all these fantastic pictures Jon!

im in for a dvd for sure!!! thanks a lot john…hope u had fun riding the pace car!!..haha