The UCI strikes again!

In its quest to ban as many components and innovations as possible, the UCI has found yet another set of decade old rules to start enforcing again:
Because filing off your lawyer tabs is certainly contrary to the spirit of cycling…

From what I see it is that lawyer’s tab void the warranty on the forks. That is a really good point, i think.

(Removing them) - in case in wasn’t clear. Avé!

And of course covering up cap screw heads is a serious health and safety hazard too right? Not that it does anything measurable for aerodynamics but the attention to detail is nice.

So many road forks have such minimal lawyer tabs these days that I’m not sure they’d actually save you from dropping a wheel - but they certainly make wheel changes annoying.

The solution is quick release skewers with a longer cam stroke!

Those would weigh more…can’t have that!

Maybe if they made them entirely out of carbon…

Please tell me that’s an april fools joke. No nuclear arms treaties ever limited warhead yield rate anyway, only number of MIRVs, so bad journalism either way =P

“no one else seems willing to stand in the way of progress and reason, so the UCI must”

This article is full of awesome. Great find, Eric.