The Vermonster is upon us! Help!

Yes, it’s that time of year. The leaves are changing, the squirrels are frantically hording nuts, and we all are thinking about crawling into a hole in the ground and just going to sleep until about May. Might as well get in one last fantastic weekend of riding before the first snow!
This year’s Vermonster, in its third installment, is sure to be the most popular one to date. Thus, it is IMPERATIVE for you to register for this event as soon as you can, if you want to be guaranteed a spot.

Here’s the deal.

The Deal:

Date: October 13th and 14th.

Location: East Burke, Barnet, and surrounding areas of the North East Kingdom of Vermont.

Cost: around $65

Abstract: We will drive down early in the morning Saturday, do some volunteer trailbuilding at Kingdom trails, and then ride some of the best singletrack in the whole United States. (Kingdom Trails is consistently rated the best trail system in the East) . The roadies will cruise along winding, hilly roads, sparsely populated by very friendly vermont drivers, until the rendezvous back in East Burke. We well travel en mass to Barnet, where my parents will have prepared a feast for us. Afterwards, anyone with a talent, musical or otherwise, can entertain us until its time to turn in.
Sunday we will get an early start, and try to squeeze in a full days riding, then be back in Montreal for dinnertime. (this schedule is subject to the weather, and to the schedule of the Kingdom Trails managers)

The Pace: Intermediate to Advanced. We have in the past allowed rank beginners on the trip, and realized this wasn’t fun for them or the rest of the group. If you aren’t comfortable riding your bike for the better part of a day, at a reasonable clip, then you probably shouldn’t register. Mountain bikers: some singletrack experience is a must.

The Cut: First come, first served.

The Conclusion: This is an awesome trip (in my own wholly unbiased opinion) and I wish that everyone could come. However, there are a very limited number of spots, so like I said you should register here as soon as you know that you can come.

sweet! i’m SO excited!

I MIGHT be mountain biking this weekend, depends if i get a bike soon enough.

Mike, thatd be sooooo awesome (even though you will crush us all with your mad mountain biking skills!)…You should convince your roommate to come too…and also to mountain bike.

just to know, what distance is planned for both days in mountain biking? When would we actually get there ?

If we follow last years routes, day 1 was a 23km loop and day 2 was 25 km in length. Both rides were around 3 hours long.

The two route maps can be viewed in the photo gallery, files 3 and 4 of the Vermonster set.

would it upset someone if i would go at a faster pace for around 40km per day ? other people could join me as well

Anybody have an idea of what distances the roadies will be doing? This will affect whether I switch to being a for sure attendee.

Seb, if I manage to get an XC/trail bike, ill be in for some longer distance stuff with you.

The roadies will be doing anywhere from about 80 - 150 km depending on how we feel. Average speed will be consistently 30-35 km, with some parts approaching 40 km/h. There is some good climbing in the region, so thats what will keep the average down to around 30-35 km.


What’s the matter Vince? Can’t you make it?

In an ideal world I’ll be going, but I must check with the family first.

seb, i’d also be up for doing some longer riding…

me too i think.

Hi guys

When and where do we give the money for that trip?
I just want to be sure be part of it. I don’t want to lose the opportunity to ride with you guys and … drop you off in the pain :wink: Just kidding!



Please be aware that there are only 17 slots available for this trip. The registration has already reached 17. For those that register from now on, you are on the waiting list.

Please also note that priority will be given to people who have participated with McGill Cycling consistently this year, and who have never been on this trip before.

As for a deposit, that can be given to me on any group mountain bike ride, or you can arraign a time with me to make the hand off. PM me.

I’ll let someone else that hasn’t gone before have a shot at this, it is a great experience.

So looks like I’ll be mountain biking this weekend.

I have decided that discretion is the better part of valour, and I will not impose my newbie-ism on the rest of the roadies - oh, that and a PhD thesis proposal which is due on the 16th might have something to do with it.

I’m sure it will be a great time - have fun everyone lucky enough to be going.

so if there’s room left im in.
I bargained to get some time off work to come do this
well if you have the empty spot left
let me know


you’re in buddy