Thursday 2

we’re meeting at the atwater market at 8:30 for 100km ride. mostly at a reasonable pace.

ill be there

good i haven’t seen you in a while.

been out of the country for a while. go easy on me

Also in.
Sorry nick, I was on vacation last week and a bit

might be able to swing by…

I have class at one, so I’ll probably come as long as i don’t go out tonight.

Nick, where’s the ride going? I’d like to come but would have to peel off early for an 11:30 class

probably to st bruno or something like that we will get back around 12 or 12:30. i wouldn’t worry about it chris this is the 50 + club you will be riding with

so no sexy single ladies?

I am going to sit this one out.

sitting it out too.