Today Thu (26) ride 2pm--int/adv

I think I can’t miss a day like this.
Again, F1 or hills, I don’t really care.
1h30 long maybe, with some exercises/intervals

meet at Gates if we go to F1, meet at bottom of Houde if we go do hills

If you hold off until 3pm then I can make it! Otherwise I’ll just meet you wherever you go.

i have class at 4 (my last one!). I could do hills from 1:30 to 3:00 or so…

If no one else is up for that, i might just go alone, or not.

Turtle, I’ll be meeting you at the Gates at 2. Dave, you can always call me when you get out of class to see where we’re at :slight_smile:

Thanks all! Good times.

Would love to go sprint around again if there’s a chance before season’s end.